Sunday, July 26, 2015

Geeking Out at ILA Part 1

I am still on a high and giddy from my time at ILA this past weekend! I totally geeked out and soaked up all things literacy. I love when you experience something in education, whether it be a conference, conversation, book, etc. that just gets you fired up and excited about teaching reading and writing.

ILA was just what I needed to feel inspired and pumped up for a new school year. I received so many new ideas and treats to share with my teachers AND I filled my professional bucket. 

First things first, at ILA, we collected a TON of FREE books from vendors. It was a book nerd heaven. As I walked around lugging my 40ish pounds of free books, I decided that I needed to share these with my teachers. We loaded up a suitcase of books, ran to the post office and shipped two boxes of books back. Totally worth my sore shoulders from hauling them back to my hotel room. 

Not only were there lots of books, there were some amazing authors there speaking and doing book signings. Some of my favorites were present and I was able to go to some book signings and hear many of them speak. The one I was most excited to see was the 2015 Caldecott winner- Dan Santat! He is one of my favorite illustrators. My son and I read his graphic novels and picture books together. Hearing about his journey through childhood, where his parents pushed him to be a doctor and wouldn't let him study art, was incredible. Thank goodness he finally followed his heart and became the amazing author and illustrator that he is!

It was his elementary school librarian who encouraged him to pursue art through reading books. She gave him his first "How to Draw Comics" books. Just imagine if she hadn't seen that spark in him at such and early age.

This coming school year, you have the opportunity to spark the love of reading, writing, or illustrating with your students. Play with writing. Play with words and books. Bring back a joy to literacy!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's About That Time! TeachersWrite

Happy 4th of July! Or actually, the 5th of July, but who cares. I have lapsed a bit this week and skipped a couple of days of writing. Oops! I did try to make up for it and write for longer on another day.

Tomorrow officially begins TeachersWrite, an online writing camp/group/workshop for teachers to improve their writing and join a community of other teacher writers. So if you are looking for some learning that you can do from home, with no risk, join me on this adventure.
You can also join their group on FaceBook or check out Jen Vincent's blog Teach Mentor Texts to introduce yourself. I'm excited and a little nervous about TeachersWrite, but am ready for a challenge.

Here is a poem I wrote the other day after leaving the pool with my hubby and kids. I tend to be the floating mom, the one who likes to observe and not really play in the pool. My hubby on the other hand is their personal water park.

Mom vs. Dad at the Pool

             Mom                                                        Dad
lays out in the hot sun                                 pretends to be a surfboard
floats and skims the top of the water               acts like a shark about to bite
wears a hat                                           wears a hat
but doesn't want to get it wet                      but will dive under the water anyway
cheers on belly flops and cannonballs             yells at the kids about running
tans easily                                             burns to a crisp
lets the kids float with her                          allows kids to use him as a diving board
visits often                                                  Dad at the pool is a novelty

          Score- 3                                                        Score- 4

                                         Dad Wins!