Easier Than Weight Watchers

I was a habitual Weight Watchers joiner. I new the program inside and out. The problem was, I always quit and couldn't stay consistent. The life-timers would say that logging my points would need to become a habit. They were absolutely right. If I stuck it out long enough, it would become more of a constant in my everyday life.

I've decided that writing is like Weight Watchers for me. I need to be intentional and consistent, just like logging points. Unless I  intentionally write, I will never stick with my goal of being a better writer.

It's strange, I actually am starting to look forward to writing each day. I NEVER thought that I would say that. Kind of like running for me-- I know lots of people who are runners. If you ask them to describe themselves, they would most likely say, "I'm a runner." I admit, I have always wanted to say those words but let's be honest, I HATE running. It isn't fun for me at all. I will never be a runner unless I start small, make a commitment and stick to it (and have a true passion to succeed.)

But, I can be a writer. If you asked me to describe myself, I would say, "I'm a teacher. I'm a reader. I'm a learner." but I would probably not say, "I'm a writer." However, I WILL get there. I will be a writer. I want it to be part of my identity. I'm in it. I've written now for 2 weeks straight. Here's a quick peek inside my notebook.

My brand new notebook that I scored at Home Goods for $1.99. I'm all about being awesome!

These entries were writing in a public place, and 2- word poems I learned from Linda Hoyt.
I made a web about being home in Lubbock and what I want to do in my notebook. 

I wrote some more poems and copied one I liked for inspiration.
This is my reflection after going to the Parade of Homes.

Finally, a list of things I don't love and a poem about sunbathing.

It's a big deal for me to share my writing at all, but I'm here to take a risk. I hope you are challenging yourself as well. 


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